One Good Book

1. There's only one good book
In which to take a look,
To meet your souls great need,
And show you how to plead,
To Jesus Christ the Lord,
To take your sins away;
So look in that good book,
He'll save your soul today

2. Some folks they take a look,
At any worldly book,
To meet their souls great need,
And save them from their greed;
But let me tell you friend,
The book you must depend,
To take you to the end
Is the good book.

3. It tells you how to think
It tells you what to say,
It tells you how to walk,
Within the narrow way;
It tells you where to go,
And tells you where to stay,
It guides your soul each day,
Cause it's the good book

4. Will you look in it now
Into its pages true
Eternal life you'll gain,
and everything made new;
And looking for that day,
God call's His bride away,
Its there for you today,
In the good book.

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