The Old Chevrolet (tune Old Rugged Cross)

(1) On a hill far away, stood an old Chevrolet, it’s tiers all tattered and torn. It just would not crank, had a leak in its tank, someday I’ll exchange for a Ford.

(C) How I cherish the old Chevrolet, with its fenders so rusty and scored, I will cling to the old Chevrolet, and exchange it someday for a Ford.

(2) On a hill far away, stood a beat-up Chevrolet, and the fenders were touching the ground. As I opened the door, and I fell right through the floor, as the roof came a-tumbling down.

(3) I pulled on the choke, and the steering wheel broke, all I could see was smoke, smoke, smoke. Then down came the Lord, and He gave me a Ford, and He took that old Chevy away.

Just a fun couple of songs I found and merged together while going through folksongs.