Echoes From The Burning Bush

“()”- second person echo.


Moses stood on Holy ground, Fire from God descended down, set the roadside bush on fire, and then the Lord did there explain, thru His savant should remain all the echos from the bush on fire.


OH the echoes from the burning bush,

(I can hear the lovely echoes)

How they thrill my soul —

(How they thrill my soul)

OH the echoes from the burning bush,

(I can hear the lovely echoes)

Point me to the goal, —

(Point me to the goal)

I no more am doubting with no thought of

(But with joy I’m shouting)

shame to blush, this my song shall ever be, Words that are so sweet to me, Echoes from the burning bush.


Oh the God of saints of old, just the same so we are told, Spoke His message from the fire, so that every tribe on earth could receive a great new birth, Through the echoes from the bush on fire.


God sent down His only Son, just to ransom everyone, BY the echoes from the fire, God of every earthly land, would not pick nor chose a man, for his blood would save us from the fire.

I cannot find any real information on this song, Except it was written in 1943, lyrics written by Vadis O. Summar and the music tune was composed by Bryon Faust. I could not find any history on these two, other than Vadis wrote two other songs “Think About Your Soul”(also listed as “Think, Oh Brother, Think, Won’t You Stop and Think, What Will Be Your Soul’s True Worth”) And “When The Saints Of God Are Gathered To That Home Above”.

Here is a good version of the song on

Hymnary lists this song as being in 10% of Hymnals in 1944 and 3% of Hymnals in 1961.