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Grandpa’s Story: Running Away

Part 1

"One cold snowy night in The Glen, in a tiny village snuggled between a huge tree and a frozen brook, children settled in for stories to while away the long winter. In one such den, Grandpa Willis was settled in his easy chair, prickled by many year of his spikes resting on it back. On the floor sat his grandchildren, three small hedgehogs. "Now children, settle down and let me tell you a story when I was your age.'" 
On a forest path dimly lit by a sliver of a moon, two shadows whispered loudly. One shadow squeaked, "I dunno 'bout this, Willy"                                 
"Ha", snorted the slightly taller shadow, "You scared? Don't worry, they'll never catch us!"                                               "I, I'm not scared!"
"Sure you are, Hanky. Your ears are shaking." 
"Sure enough, the smaller shadows long ears were trembling violenty. Coming to an open bit, one could vaguely see the shadows faces. A little hedgehog, bearing a wooden sword taller than himself and an even smaller rabbit, overalls full of patches, both lugging bulging knapsacks. Now in audible voices, the two bickered. Unfortunatley, One could now see AND hear them clearly. And One did. On his way home traveled Mr. Fox, shaking chicken feathers from his tail. Past a curve in the path the Old Fox spotted the boys."

“Now what do we have here?”, he thought to himself.
Whistling, he walked towards them. Busy with their discussion, the two didn’t notice him. “Why, hello there! An’ why might two such lovely beasts be in the road whispering in the dead of night?”
Jumping in suprise, Hank dove for the ground while Willy grabbed for his sword, both dropping their knapsacks. Apples, a spade, a jar of goldfish, and three very squashed cupcakes plopped on the ground.
“My Fish!”, cried Hank. “My cupcakes!”, shouted Willy. Diving for their goods, they forgot their fear.
Mr. Fox chuckled, “My my! Terribly sorry, I thought you had noticed me. Where are my manners!”
Items collected, the lads looked up at the fox.

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